Our Rates



$180.00 Weekly

$40.00 Full Days

$26.20 Half Days



$171.00 Weekly

$38.00 Full Days

$25.50 Half Days



$37.00 Full Days

$24.25 Half Days

$12.13 Mornings Only Before School



Payments are due on Monday. Weekly rates must be paid by Friday of the attendance week, if not paid, the daily rate will be charge. A half day is 6 hours or less. A child is allowed 2 absence days per month, after that parents will be charged for absence days.


Refund Policy

Parents must notify the center 2 weeks in advance if their child will no longer be attending our center. A refund will be made to the parent if payment was made in advance. No refund will be made if the 2 weeks advance notice was not given.