Children learn through play. Teachers, parents, and community need to form a partnership to encourage positive growth in children. Children develop at different rates and learn in a variety of ways. We are here to facilitate that learning.

We are a Quality First Center offering a safe place to leave your children at reasonable rates. We are DES Certified and offer scholarships for low-income families through First Things First. We serve two hot meals and a snack daily. Our 3-Start Pre-K program prepares your child for kindergarten. We offer a balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities, with two outside play times everyday. We accept children beginning at 1 year old through 10 years of age.

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We are open from 6:00am until 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. Parents can pay the weekly rate for five full days, or choose a daily rate for two or three days per week.

We have a before and after school program for children attending public school. During the summer, we offer a summer camp program with both educational and fun activities here at the center. The includes enrichment activities with the public library located at the neighborhood center.

Classrooms are set up with centers, i.e. Dramatic Play, Writing Center, Math and Manipulatives, Blocks, Science, Art and Music. We are using the Core Knowledge Curriculum. It is an award winning curriculum that prepares children for kindergarten. This is the same curriculum being used at Nosotros Academy grades K-8. This curriculum focuses on learning math, science, reading and writing skills. Early years classes learn the colors, shapes, counting from 1-20 and the letters of the alphabet. It also puts emphasis on social and emotional skills. The pre-k classes learn to write their names and recognize and write all the letters of the alphabet. Children also learn to count and write numbers from 1 to 30.